My vacation in photos (part 1)

I recognize that a lot of my readers are also friends I know on Facebook, for those of you who haven’t been subjected to viewing photos I’ve posted during my vacation here are some with a bit of narration…enjoy!

Obligatory 0 miles/tabla rasa automotive shot…I rented a car for my trip, just because. The rate was good, and I’m considering renting again for another extended vacation.

This is Missouri, and on my car is Hobbs the Duck. It’s a lawn ornament/mascot of sorts at my work, he has been on cruises and enjoys traveling with Staff.

Hobbs, dusk, Arkansas

I didn’t know Arkansas was The Natural State, but now I do 🙂

Another shot of Arkansas at dusk.

My tent…with the wrong shock cords! I was so pissed off at myself, but I made the best of it…what else could I do?

Big modified State of Liberty, even bigger church…this is in Memphis and nothing really rivaled its size church-wise.

The church was off this street…heck, the church was the only building on this street.

Best Vietnamese buffet I’ve yet to have! The dishes were primarily tofu-based, and they do a heck of a good job with marinating it thoroughly. By the second time I was there I was a familiar face 🙂 Hi again! I love it.

The site of where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated which is now where the National Civil Rights Museum is. I stated it was heavy in a previous post, and it feels heavy still just looking at these photos again.

“The idea began with just one person” I like that, and sometimes you have to be that just one person, can I get an amen?

A panorama from the balcony where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Outside Martin Luther King Jr.’s room from the ground level.

My only photo of Graceland. It was somewhat of a Presley compound, and cost $30+ to get inside! I’m a fan of Elvis, but not that much 😉 Maybe some year, but for the time being postcards and talking to people about their experiences in the gift shop[s] parking lot was enough for me.

Beauty in creation shortly before the sun set.

More to come, but at a later time!