My thoughts as a follower of Christ in regards to ISIL / ISIS

I’ve spent some time contemplating what the response of Christians in light of ISIL & the 21 Coptic martyrs, here’s my short list:
1. Forgive ISIL; it skews their humanity & takes away from their Imago Dei-ness and ours if we don’t forgive.
2. Don’t cherry pick the Koran.
3. Don’t assume all of Islam is violent. Realize that extremists in any religion are usually the smallest voice clamoring to be heard, and it’s their extremism that separates the true followers from the rest.
4. Engage the local Muslim community with open hearts and open ears.
5. Cry out to God as to what the hell is going on, use them fighting words and get real about what bothers the fuck out of you.
6. Choose love over hate, and operate out of love not fear or ignorance.

– Nathanael