Foodies Beware! The Jackfruit

File:Artocarpus heterophyllus fruits at tree.jpg
The Jackfruit

Today I went to a Korean supermarket known as H Mart and I bought several things; teriyaki sauce, kimchi, lychees, peanut satay sauce and jackfruit…

Now my intentions were to buy Durian instead of Jackfruit, and I thought, I thought, they were one and the same…but it turns out they are two different things.

Durian is a fruit that is notoriously known as the smelliest fruit on the planet. With that being said, I’ve had it before, and I enjoyed it, but what exactly does it taste like if it earns the the smelliest fruit award you might ask? It tastes like eating garlic and mango in the same bite, so…different, so…good, but in small doses.

Jackfruit tastes a bit like pineapple, but also has it’s own flavor as well. Looking over Wikipedia’s entry on the Jackfruit I discovered that it’s a relative of the mulberry, go figure!

But here’s the clincher as to why I say foodies beware; the Jackfruit is sticky, VERY VERY sticky!!! Apparently I should have soaked a knife in coconut oil as well as my hands prior to cutting into the Jackfruit…but this I learned after the fact by way of Google searches. It tastes good, but it is not worth the mess; sticky knife, sticky fingers, sticky mustache, sticky picnic table…le sigh.

Now will I have it again? Yes! It’s that good! But either I will follow the instructions of preparing the Jackfruit, or have someone else prepare it and keep all noticeable traces of schadenfreude under wraps as they deal with the sticky monstrosity that is the Jackfruit.

Lesson learned, class dismissed, moving onward and upward!