24/31 – A spontaneous moment in my life that that turned out to be fantastic

A spontaneous moment in my life that that turned out to be fantastic

I was invited via mail to test drive the then new Lexus IS-F, which in case if you don’t know what it looks like here are some photos:

416 horse power
Zed to 60 in 4.6 seconds
Quarter mile in 13 seconds…

All this for me to test drive,
Oh did I mention that I was invited to test drive this car at the local track?

Not the best photo for it, but I was invited to test drive the Lexus IS-F on this track (Autobahn Country Club), so I quickly filled out the information so as to reserve a spot…my father found out and decided he wanted a go at it, why not? I thought and so I got him signed up for the event as well.

I love cars, for their design (when it’s a good design) for their speed (’nuff said) and for their heritage. I have a lot of car books, I’ve attended the Chicago Auto Show 13 years running, I love car shows and I love that there are lot of good ones in my area… So given the opportunity to drive one, around a track no less, I’m all for it!

It was simply a beautiful day for driving, and when we got there we got a lowdown as to how it was going to go. A little practicing to give us inexperienced track drivers a chance to get a feel for the track, it so happened that I was the lead car after the pace car, so I set the par and I drove as fast (responsibly, mind you) as I could. I did get it up to 100 miles per hour in the longer straights, if I knew more about the car and the track I probably would have given it more.

After our track time we were invited to get in the car with a professional driver…so we did, and wow, good driver + fast speeds = fun!

It took just one time to work in my mind that I want to have more track time in my life, the track bug bit hard and I can’t wait to do it again. My father however had enough for one life time, his stomach was…moved, and we had to make a brief system to get that “cleared up” as it were.