Living wages; a bit of a rant

I am more than slightly fed up with the cut-throat rat race of pursuing jobs in my field. It seems at times that there’s adequate work, a lot of people vying for those positions, but when it comes down to what the demands of the job it certainly doesn’t reflect “competitive wages” but rather the same or slightly above the minimum wage.
I was thinking about this the other day, that a lot of companies seem hard-pressed in making a lot of money, but unfortunately the people who help companies get there financially hardly see a payout for what they’ve done. Living wages can benefit everyone in the company, not solely the top people in a business, and I got to thinking about the business model I would cultivate if I had my own business.

If I had my own business, I would provide everyone with living wages! Everyone benefits from it, but granted ego and pride make some people think they’re worth more.
Yet if this were the case I would give them room to demonstrate their worth, but on the condition that their pay would go up if they could deliver, if not they’d have to pay back the difference to whatever their wages was prior. I’m not a business man, I don’t know how to quantify someone’s worth but if it improved the business, and subsequently the business of that individual’s
coworkers…why not pay them more, why not pay them what they’re worth.


Yet I don’t see that happening, I see greed in the profit sector as well as the non-for-profit. It gets frustrating at times because I know that my education background, my experience, what I am capable of, my worth (money-wise) should be evidence to support why I should be paid at a higher level. Then there’s the factor of how someday I want to have a wife and kids; I want to provide for them and give them a bit more than a roof over their heads and food on the table. But I’m realizing how many companies aim to keep me semi-financially afloat as a single man, but at the same time don’t weigh in my I should be paid for what I am capable of, actual living wages.
Yes I might strike a chord of entitlement and arrogance, or that I might just be money hungry, but I assure it’s not like that at all. I just want to be paid what I am worth, is that too much ask?

So I guess I leave this up to you the reader; what are your thoughts about living wages? Are there any downsides I am not factoring in?