30/31 – Someone in my family that means so much to me


Someone in my family that means so much to me

My mother means so much to me. Where to begin? 🙂

When I was younger so much younger than today…

My mother was my teacher; I was home-schooled, my sisters 3 and I were, and with the exception of the youngest who spent 2 years in public school, the rest of us went K-12 under her tutelage to some degree. She was put in a difficult spot with my father being absent to her as well as to us kids, so she had to be both disciplinarian as well as our teacher.

My mom and I have a better relationship these days compared to when I was younger, we fight sometimes but I will say I am glad she’s like me when she’s angry, otherwise I might not know when she’s angry. She’s hard headed, stubborn and verbally loud…just like me, which makes things “better” in the sense that I fight the same way and we’re able to work out things within that context, we’re both used to passive-aggressive people not letting on that they’re angry, and even tho we don’t like fighting with one another we’re able to give each other the space needed when you have two verbally loud people.

I think one of the hardest things my mom experienced apart from my father not being there for her or us kids was when she had breast cancer 6 years ago. My father bailed on her even more so when she had breast cancer, and so I took time off from school and became her primary caregiver. Sitting while chemo was injected into her body, when her hair fell out, when she was in utter pain from it all…I went through that with her, sure she’s the one who experienced it, but when you love someone you go through what they go through although in a different way.

In the last few years my mom has stepped out of her comfort zone into trusting God as she does her part to build bridges between the Christian community and the LGBT community. Tho she’s taking baby steps (if that works for her, no problem!) it’s great to see her attitude change, plus at our local chapter of PFLAG she’s very engaging in conversation to those who gather! They’ve taken a liking to my mom, which I’m glad because she’s come a long way 🙂

We recently have been butting heads and the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, but given time she might “get it” and life will be better for her.

She might not be perfect, but she’s my mom, and she means so much to me!