Settling in nicely, a new reality

I don’t remember the exacting wording on this following statement, but here goes my paraphrase:

“Until someone realizes the other/better reality on their own, they will continue to live in their current (and possibly worse) reality”

It was something along the lines of this that I learned in one of my courses for work, and it stuck with me as to why I still lived at home with my parents. Still, but still no more. I have adjusted my life, a 180* in a lot of ways, and have gotten to the point where enough was enough so I moved out…but still.

Still that I waited to this point of financial and job security where I realized internally I can do this, that what I do matters and I am good at what I do.
Still that I didn’t wake from my mental fog, my stupor, my paralysis of what if scenarios that now seem so far in the past.

I could easily get caught up in the “still’s” in life, but I won’t because it is not healthy. I have done away with my old reality and I am coming into my own and I am settling in nicely. 🙂



1/31 – Something I’m looking forward to this year

I like writing challenges than span the length of a month, to which I found one that I hope to do on a regular basis in addition to whatever else crosses my mind during the writing process. The 31 day writing challenge list can be found here. If this is something you do want to participate in, please leave me some feedback so I can view yours as well! 🙂


Something I look forward to this year

I look forward to moving out of the family house this year…soon enough once I assemble a bit more of my life’s puzzle, I will not let learned helplessness consume my life and my soul. I am sad to be part of the group of 20somethings that leave the next later in life, there were times I could have flown out and away but reason #1 that kept me landlocked instead of being in the deep blue sea…financial reasons.

I do want a small place of my own, whenever I go to Ikea, the sirens of domestic living call out to me and I have to close my eyes and grit my teeth, all the while softly saying not yet…not yet…not yet… I do want a place to call mine, to entertain people, to cook and love on others, I really cannot do all that where I am at but in due time I shall!

Living on my own, in a way it almost seems dreadful but I welcome it and that is something I look forward to this year.