Patience as a spiritual exercise; day 27 of Ramadan

At times the above comic sums me up succinctly; I ask God for many a thing, including patience, and instead of waiting around on God I yell at her to hurry up the process! The thing is, as you probably know, patience is a process and it takes time to get there; both in being patient with ourselves as well as being patient with others.

My work demands quite a bit of patience given that I work with kids. One thing I’ve learned over the years with working with kids is they require a LOT of patience, but to a certain degree persistence as well. They also need to know your intentions in the matter, because it is very possible that in your patience and persistence they might think you’re doing it to be mean or that you’re coming across as being a harsh authoritarian.
I do push my students, but I know their limits through rapport built with them, and some can take on more and some can take on less, it varies (as with all of us) person to person. It helps that I work with nearly the same classroom on a daily basis, and so I am familiar in my ways and approaches with my students.

When it comes to patience in my life it’s usually in light of what is going on in my life, and while I tackled contentment the other day I need patience. Because there are times in my life I wish could be resolved in a blink of an eye, but while sometimes a lot of the time I cannot have it that way. I am still content throughout all of it, but I want it in an expedited manner. Yet life isn’t like that all that often, and sometimes it is through the trials of error we’ll figure out the reasons why, but even that is in limited supply because sometimes (as cliche as it sounds) the answer is that there is no answer.

In moments like that I am sometimes aloof, sometimes I am able to surrender to that truth, and other times I yell at God will all my might, hoping that she hears me and does something about it. And yet there are times where I hold the answer, sometimes I am the answer to my own prayers as well as others. All in all, patience needs to be carried out without having a mindset as to when will “x” come to fruition, because sometimes it comes to be and other times it doesn’t come at all and sometimes it comes in time but a time frame we might not align ourselves with.

So with all that being said, patience was my keyword on this 27th day of Ramadan. Thanks be to God, the ever patient one, may we learn to be patient with ourselves and with others.

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,

Walking as a spiritual exercise; day 5 of Ramadan

Day 5 of Ramadan’s Suhur was great! A protein shake, fresh fruit, God & I, the sunrise. I proceeded to get ready for my day of work, as it so happened my students were back in the classroom because the summer term had started.

The teacher I work under unpackaged to my students what the summer term would look like, and I already see that it’s going to be a great time of learning and having fun! One of the things I appreciate doing with my students outside of the classroom apart from the usual basketball / softball, and as of late Frisbee, is walking. It’s very enjoyable to go outside with my students to walk. Sometimes our walking is done over talking; they like to pick my mind, I like to listen, they like to find out more about me, and I like to find out more about them and their dreams and aspirations beyond school.

It so happened that one of my students wanted to go walking, and I was more than willing to go on a walk with him. Our conversations were sparse, he wanted to get out and be and I admit, so did I. But there’s something to be said about non-verbal communication and presence; it’s very important and can be very helpful ton one’s self to delve into one’s own psyche for a while.

I know I will have more opportunities to walk with my students, and sometimes it’ll be like the other day where it was quiet for the most part, but there will be days when the conversation is verbal and continuous. I embrace it all and celebrate in the fact that I am among the living, doing what I can to be the best version of me and being present mind / body / soul in a job in the field that I am. It isn’t always easy, but I know God will sustain me as I help others out to the best of my abililty.

So with all that being said, walking was my keyword on the 5th day of Ramadan. Thanks me to God for being present as we walk through this life. For we are all interconnected to God inasmuch as we are interconnected with one another. May we learn to walk through this life together in solidarity with one another.

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,