Sometimes I wish I were a fly on the wall

Sometimes I wish I were the proverbial fly on the wall, the eavesdropper, the one who hears what others have to say whether they are aware of my presence or not.

Because I think people are fascinating not just some of the time, but all of the time, for better or worse…

The other day I returned to a church that I’m involved with in the context of youth ministry, but due to my work schedule and the other church I attend has kept me from attending. Yet at the advice/request of one of my best friends I’m going to do a two-fer Sunday mornings.
Yet it was interesting being back, a lot of new faces (albeit I was at a service I normally don’t attend) and the dynamic of a large(r) gathering was a bit of a short-lived shock. I sat close to where I normally would, so I guess that’s habitual, but it was interesting to look around at the diversity…which is needed within the church, and to see some of that being lived out, it gave me a case of the warm fuzzies.

Yet…On my way out the door I caught two conversations, overheard at church as it were. One guy was expressing to another guy that he found it hard to believe that “this was church” because he didn’t feel any guilt. One woman was talking to another woman and shared how coming to this church was a secret fix for her, even though she didn’t like how the pastor didn’t read from the Bible as much as she’d like.
WOW! That’s all I will say, because whether the nature of church and feeling guilty being paired together (which I can recall times where I’ve been in such churches) and the nature of a pastor not reading enough of the Bible… Again, people are fascinating…all of the time!

I think I’ll write my insights to what these individuals talked about, but later, I have to buzz out of here!