Adopted for Christmas (part 2)


Plans changed and my friend’s post-Christmas get together never came to be. 😦 I’m not completely bummed out, I am sad for my coworker’s sake that the get together didn’t happen because that’s her family and from what she has shared with me I know they mean a lot to her.

So I made some plans as I still worked the 7-5 shift at work, and those fell through, but I shook it off and made alternative plans to my alternative plans. 😉

Anchorman 2
If you liked the first one, there’s a good chance you’ll like the second one as well. A lot of cameos, it was a good way to unwind after work and after other plans fell through. That’s me though, I am resilient and capable in finding alternative things to do when life happens, and it does happen all the time.


25/31 – Something I planned that ended up not being what I expected

Something I planned that ended up not being what I expected

About a year and a half ago I made an online friend, she and I would IM, text, talk on the phone and Skype one another. I didn’t know if a relationship was in the works, so I just played it cool and continued talking to this girl.

About a year ago I went to Indianapolis to meet up with her, so I drove out to Indianapolis which was a halfway location for her and I driving wise. We went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and spent most of our time there, grabbed dinner at an Indian restaurant, hung out in her hotel room and then I was off at the end of the day.

We talked a little since then but that’s about it. I kinda realize she’s someone my younger self would like to be with, but I desire someone who’s more mature and drinks a bit less, who isn’t so conscious about outward looks. Meeting someone online should be done with caution, I knew her longer so I didn’t feel all too worried with going out to Indianapolis to hang out with her, I had a good time with her but it wasn’t what I expected.

Oh well, I’m still praying and looking with my eyes open for my June. 🙂