God among Trump supporters / finding God is difficult, seeing God even more so

During this Lenten season I have decided to give up God, akin to Atheism for Lent by Peter Rollins. I made the decision to give up on God, the compartmentalized God I still retain every now and then when I act more cynical and skeptical about anything and everything that’s happening in my life. I gave up the God that seems marred by political agenda and party alignment, because truth to be told I can find and see God among my progressive friends, my atheist friends, my agnostic friends, my Jewish friends, my Muslim friends, my students, my coworkers, my friends, and my family…but…

I have a hard time seeing the commingling of the divinity and humanity in Donald Trump, and even to a certain degree those who align themselves with his politics.

But I told the God who I often think isn’t there, the God who made Donald Trump and his supporters, please be there so I can see you. God’s no magic genie, my prayers aren’t wishes that will get answered, but still the part of me that realizes that prayer has the capacity to transform me, consequently becoming the answers to my prayers wants to see God in Donald Trump and his supporters.

If there’s anything that’s said to be taboo in conversations it’s religion and politics. I have no problem with either provided it remains civil and an equal amount of time spent listening and talking by all parties. With that being said, I’ve slipped up when it comes to talking about politics in some circles I am in because his antics needs to stop, his name calling needs to stop, his marginalization of others has to stop…need I say more?

It isn’t fair on my part to demonize him (dare I say reduce myself to his level of fighting and engaging with others?) and it’s something I am working on, but sometimes what comes out of his mouth really pisses me off to no end. Yes, so much of what he says is to get a reaction, and he feeds off of it to a large extent. I need to give up the position of bringing myself to his level, it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Trump is a human being, an Imago Dei, and I have a hard time seeing it at this time…  But I am intentionally trying, to suspend my disbelief, to suspend my doubt, and to come to terms that yes God does love Donald Trump and has made Donald Trump.

Onward and upward,

In the land of the blind…

An acquaintance of mine wanted to offer up his 2 cents about what happened in Paris on Friday, so I offered up my blog as a means to convey what he wanted to say…


In the land of the blind, would they truly follow the “One-Eyed King?” Or would they embrace the comfortable existence they have grown accustomed to in their darkness?  What is sight to them if they are blind? Who can blame them should they refuse to trust that this King sees something beyond their understanding?

I suppose this would be the true test of faith. For if they do not reach deep inside themselves and find the courage to jump into the unknown, they will allow the One Eyed King to travel off into far and distant lands without them.
Though they know he can provide new pastures and opportunity should they go with him, they are unwilling to risk escaping what they have worked so long to build: a bland and tasteless life of stirring in emptiness.

Freedom of Religion in the United States

Editor’s note – I don’t want to get into political debates, discussions perhaps, but I’m straying away from politics because it’s my intention not to vote in the two party dictatorship that is voting in the United States of America. I will be addressing some things, but I’m not going to go deep because it is a deep deep hole and it’s a pain in the ass to climb out such a hole. Enjoy…perhaps?

It strikes me at times Christians who live in America advocate for Freedom of Religion and what it entails, but the thing is, they make it out to be a for Christians only issue…uh…what?

Muslims who live in America can’t practice their own religion?

Jews who live in America can’t practice their own religion?

Baha’i who live in America can’t practice their own religion?

Those who practice Hindu and live in America can’t practice their own religion?

It perplexes me that some Christians hold such views, because it is very limiting to state who can practice insert religion here and who cannot. Granted some of the things the original writers of The Constitution did try to limit certain liberties to themselves and other rich white people who owned slaves, which has been cleared up since then (thank goodness), but it seems like there’s a lot of self-imposing that is what it is…unconstitutional.
I’ve even heard people murmur that “Obama’s a Muslim” and to be honest, I don’t know his heart, only God does, but seriously? Are Muslims not capable of running a country?

That’s all I’ll say about these issues,

[Why] I’m [Probably] not going to vote for a President this year

In this great two party dictatorship of ours, we the people of the United States are no longer important when it comes to the voting process for President. As one who has had an interest in politics since ’91-92, I’ve decided to give politics a break because what truly matters will not be addressed by politicians or Presidents or candidates for primaries. There’s also the factor that I agree with (whoever said it first, I don’t know) that politicians should wear decals of the companies that “sponsor” them like inNascar.

Politics used to intrigue me, because it looked like change was happening and that there was some sway to my views being acted upon by the ones I elected into their [dis]respected offices, but I’ve grown disenchanted with it all, “meet the new boss same as the old boss” seems to be the theme, plus there’s the dynamic where behind-the-scenes people working for politicians will dredge up any kind of shit they can that they will use against the other person; as the election year gets closer this seems to be a machine working overtime, a hate-filled sludge machine.

Now some might suggest that I vote for another party apart from the GOP and Democrat, which ideally I would but the thing is the odds up to this point for someone who’s not aligned with the GOP or Democrat party are against them, if anything it takes away votes from either but that’s about all it does.

I think, I don’t know for sure, that if you had more informed voters and better odds for outlier candidates, things could start to turn around in politics for me. If I knew that a guy or gal I voted for who was, say of the Green Party, had an equal foothold in the election race, then I would be up for voting. Yet politicians strike me as smiling sharks with lots of teeth and companies to please which they spin it into “We the People”, our views our no longer valid, a majority of votes will not change the face of politics and the world at large. We need leaders local, national and even global who will standup for valid changes within our glocal (global+local) world.

I have faith in God, what he’s doing and the good things people are doing in his name…but so often I look at politics and shake my head at the messes unaddressed.

Be the change you want to see begins with me,