23/30 – What’s the deal with Stiletto heels?


What’s the deal with Stiletto heels?

When I was younger someone explained to me that women wore Stiletto heels to add some movement to their butt which would then in turn attract guys to looking at their butts and so on and so forth.

I can’t really say I watch a woman’s butt when she wears a pair of Stiletto heels, but all the while I can’t but wonder; do women wear Stiletto heels for themselves or for others? They strike me as rather uncomfortable to wear in the first place, but to walk and perhaps at a brisk pace? If suffering for fashion can be defined, Stiletto heels is thy name, busting an ankle or worse seems like a possibility.

If I date someone who decides to wear these shoes, I might gently tell her that she doesn’t need to do that (if it’s for me that she wears them) because as interesting and “hot” as some people might perceive them, it’s not worth wearing a cast due to some fiasco caused by wearing those kind of shoes. If she wants to wear a nice pair of shoes, go with an open pair of sandals or something like that, I’m not a shoe kinda guy but I certainly don’t want someone’s external beauty to be exemplified by a pair of shoes especially at the risk of them making her look like an ass.

Wear shoes for yourselves ladies, don’t wear them for guys, because it might not be worth it especially if it is a pair of Stiletto heels.