My first time; Feed my Starving Children

The other night I joined a good portion of my church peeps from Flowing Grace with bagging and boxing food for Feed My Starving Children, up to this point I have never helped out with the organization, and now…I can’t wait to help out again 🙂

There’s something to doing something tangible that helps others, the entwining of good times and God times (with a slight competitive bent I might add) that I enjoy partaking in. It is my desire to live out “on earth as it is in heaven” with those I interact with, and with Feed My Starving Children I might not have a direct impact upon the ones I helped feed, but after hearing about how they go about sending food worldwide to those who are impoverished I am excited for this level of kingdom work.

When it comes down to it I am an introspective extrovert, I process (longer than usual) the world around me and so my processing time makes me perceived as being “the quiet guy”. I enjoy leading others where needed be, but I also enjoy actively listening to others, there is the side of me that is active and loud and times where I am quiet and contemplative.

With the work that is done at Feed My Starving Children it doesn’t matter when you are young or old, introverted or extroverted, there’s a task for all and I recognize that for those who are introverted it is ideal! A lot of it is repetitive assembly job work which honestly I don’t mind, they crank the tunes, you do your task and keep going…it is a lot of fun!

There are opportunities to do good in tangible ways that matter for a long time and as a follower of Christ I desire to partake in some of these activities (because obviously I cannot partake in all of them). When you have people who are with you on your life journey who are like-minded as well as like-hearted things have the appearance of being easier and in a lot of ways a mutual load shared does in fact make everyone’s load lighter. Working side by side some of my church peeps in such a matter was this; kingdom work shared amongst people who have a common goal and that is feeding those who do not have a steady source of food, and in this matter we fed Jesus as we fed others.