G is for Gouda, it’s good enough for me – 1/28


As much as I like this cheese, preferably the smoked variety, I did some research prior to this writing challenge and found out that Gouda (the cheese) is named after Gouda (a city in The Netherlands where the cheese is made)!

The city of Gouda is over 700 years old (granted city rights in 1272 to be exact), is known for the cheese but there’s also some sweet architecture (more of an interest than cheese).

…and canals

…and a coat of arms
File:Wapen van Gouda.svg

…and whirligigs

…and vitrals (stained glass on a smaller scale)

…and a windmill!

It’s a city that was built on a swamp, went through some ordeals such as bad fires, arson, destruction, occupation from invaders, and a deadly plague that wiped out nearly 20% of the population…but still, Gouda stands.

A great cheese indeed, but a great city and population that has overcome a lot of hardships…here’s to Gouda the city and cheese! 🙂

Wikipedia’s page on Gouda