A coup against heaven; I will wait

I think Mother Teresa was a badass, and yes I know what she did and how she carried out her life has received some backlash as of late, but still she’s my kinda badass.

She is quoted as saying the following; “If I ever become a Saint—I will surely be one of “darkness.” I will continually be absent from Heaven—to lit the light of those in darkness on earth.” Lately I’ve been wondering about that, and lately I’ve been wondering that if on the other side of eternity there’s a split down the middle of people going to Heaven and people going to Hell, if I’m in “the right line” as it were aka going to Heaven, I will wait.

I will wait and stage a coup against Heaven, and wait and wait, till not just all my friends are invited in to Heaven, but all of humanity is invited in.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the after life, and lately I’ve been pondering the nature of Heaven and Hell, the nature of dynamic versus static realities of the other side of eternity, and get this…The nature of Heaven as portrayed by Jesus as recorded in the Bible is what I want to be a part of! Yet the Heaven portrayed to me by parents, peers, Evangelicals, everyone-gets-a-mansion peoples…this cartoon sums up how I feel about that form of Heaven;

It strikes me as absolutely boring! A mansion? Really? Give me something to do and not just say I have a house waiting above for me.

Then I think the portrayal of Hell I’ve been told about:

A lot of what I’ve been told about Hell comes from looking at the Bible in light of its English Translation and medieval artwork…

I’ve started down a path that is one that questions the nature of heaven and hell, as to what really lies ahead, because I think that we will not get a true picture of what the other side of eternity looks like until we get there.

I also think that if I’m going to start working at snuffing out hell, it starts on this side of eternity. By helping others through personal hells they’re going through caused by others or caused by themselves, those kind of hells seem more pertinent and prominent in the lives of others than anything they could possibly face after they die.
I did say could because I’m questioning if hell after one dies is an actual reality, which I must say has been something I have expressed with my closest of friends, some who are like me and some who aren’t, if I trust you I’ll tell you…but now I am extending this to a much larger audience.

It might make me blacklisted in some Christian circles, I realize that more than ever, but I want to explore this…I say maybe too besides could, simply because it is a maybe that I say these things and without absolutely 100% certainty. It’s a struggle, but I must soldier on, I must fight this uphill battle for my sake and the sakes of others.

So that is why I will stage a coup against Heaven, that is why if I’m invited in to Heaven I’ll be off to the side with Mother Teresa and anyone else who is willing to wait.

Will you wait with me?


God in ordinary life; has God changed?

God in ordinary life, no bright beams of life a-crashing down on me, no audible voices that sounds like Morgan Freeman (he has a nice “God” voice)…

But as I showered not too long ago I pondered a question:

Has God changed?

God has been around for quite sometime…some, time, haha…God made time but cannot be bound by it, we’re the ones who rely on seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years…

Anywho, God, has he changed…

I don’t think that God has changed since the dawn of him creating everything. But I do think our perceptions of God has changed over the years; from times when people felt the need to fight others in his name, when people offered up sacrifices to appease him, when people saw God as gods and thought every element had a god affixed to it in some shape and fashion.

Now there are those the world over who still do these things, and still believe gods are behind everything there is to living as well as dying and being dead. Their views of God aren’t backwards or ancient, they’re still perceiving that’s who God is, their perception of God is their perception of God, and when you believe that for so long who’s to say they’re wrong? I think God can work within culture groups like this, he’s great at contextualization where us humans sometimes lack the sympathy and compassion to engage these types of people on their own terms.

I can actually see this in my timeline, I once believed in a God that was “that kid” who lit fireworks over an anthill or with a magnifying glass, just toying with smaller creatures, messing with us hoping we’d fight back only to be zapped and made into crispy critters.
But as I’ve gotten older, and hopefully a bit wiser, I look at the nature of who God is through Jesus (which, I know, the Trinitarian God thing is hard to piece together at times); Jesus came to Earth, humbled himself, lived amongst us and taught of us how we can get right with God, how to love others as God love us. He died, was buried but 3 days later he came back! As I read what usually gets marked in red letters I have a better perspective on how to live my life and how to help others out, I don’t believe in Christianity as I believe in the good news of Jesus, for Christianity doesn’t save me, but God saves me on a continual basis!

My perception and perspective of God has changed, not God changing. I see abundant love and grace and mercy for all of humanity, where once I saw a God who looked down upon us angrily sighing at how bad we screw things up sometimes.

What’s sad to me is that some Christians still live in Old Testament times and fear God more than they love him, at least their actions seem to be ones of worry and doing all the right things so as to attain God’s favor. It doesn’t work like that any more, that perspective has changed by way of Jesus and what he did, again it’s the perspective changing and not God. God isn’t pissed off at his creation, he loves us all so much, he demonstrated this by sending humanity Jesus. Everything hinges on who Jesus is and what he did for us.

So what about those times where the Bibledoes point to God calling the Israelites to attack a certain group of people in his name? What about “those moments”?

I don’t know, maybe I’ll think of something next time I shower…