Transformative beauty; one of the many reasons I love tattoos

Transformative beauty is one of the many things that captures my attention in this world, because it reminds me that no one and nothing is beyond the range of being redeemed. I see tranformative beauty in nature, but more often in humanity, and personally speaking I enjoy seeing the transformative beauty that happens when a tattooist makes something better out of someone’s ink than what they once had.

The owner of Dream City Tattoos, the place where I got my first tattoo, is very good at doing that. Gonzo takes this:

and transforms it into this:

and every time Gonzo posts a tattoo piece of this nature I thank God for his ministry of transformative beauty.


When I look at these tattoos I think in broader and bigger terms; that I in someway am capable of helping transform other people’s lives for the better. It empowers me to utilize and hone my own craft, it brings me back to the center of my being and what my calling and vocation is in life.
I am realistic that where I’m at now isn’t where I will be forever, I too am being transformed into something else. Transformation requires change, and it helps if one’s posture of this change occurring is one of acceptance. It isn’t always easy to adapt with changes, and that’s why I also think it is important to be in community, to be around people who you care about and (hopefully) they care about you too so that you can get adequate support where needed.

Be transformed and play your part in transformative beauty, it will make a world of difference!