It has to be aliens…really? A cynical person’s take on mankind’s ingenuity – 14/28

The above photo/meme has variants, but all of them come back to the fact that this guy attributes the mundane and complicated to aliens. Bullshit, I think we should take some credit for our accomplishments…let’s have a look, shall we? (Well you could stop reading this, the choice is yours.*)

The Pyramids; impressive considering their dimensions and when they’re dated to and even how they were assembled. I have yet to go to Giza, but given the chance I certainly would! Yay mankind!

Stonehenge; Its original use is still unknown, we thought at one time that it was a pagan site but it doesn’t look like that is what it was for anymore.  Take that aliens, WE made Stonehenge you didn’t *raspberry noises*

The Great Wall of China; Yes it’s only an urban legend that you can see it from space, but still it is a remarkable structure and entirely man made.
The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai; It’s impressive albeit it’s longevity leaves me doubtful, I could see a series of waves pummeling it over. Still, it is impressive and aliens had no hand in assembling it whatsoever 😉

And lastly, one of the greatest creations known to mankind…
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza; it doesn’t get better than that. When you want to get your carbs on and a whole lot of cheese with toppings or without, you go Chicago style. Sure other places make it, but having sampled deep dish fare apart from Chicago, it just doesn’t jive with me. Mankind made it, aliens did not, we win they lose!


So while I am led to believe that we live in an infinite universe with billions of galaxies, stars, suns, nebulae, et al. I think we haven’t gotten in contact with them or them with us. Maybe they’re waiting for us to progress beyond what they consider our early developmental stage. I could be wrong, but at the same time, I could also be right…time will tell whether Aliens decide to visit our pale blue dot.


P.S. – (*Haha, sucker! It was MY choice that you got here, reverse Psychology can be so amazing sometimes 😉 )

G is for Gouda, it’s good enough for me – 1/28

As much as I like this cheese, preferably the smoked variety, I did some research prior to this writing challenge and found out that Gouda (the cheese) is named after Gouda (a city in The Netherlands where the cheese is made)!

The city of Gouda is over 700 years old (granted city rights in 1272 to be exact), is known for the cheese but there’s also some sweet architecture (more of an interest than cheese).
…and canals

…and a coat of arms
File:Wapen van Gouda.svg

…and whirligigs

…and vitrals (stained glass on a smaller scale)

…and a windmill!

It’s a city that was built on a swamp, went through some ordeals such as bad fires, arson, destruction, occupation from invaders, and a deadly plague that wiped out nearly 20% of the population…but still, Gouda stands.

A great cheese indeed, but a great city and population that has overcome a lot of hardships…here’s to Gouda the city and cheese! 🙂

Wikipedia’s page on Gouda


24/30 – Thailand through his lens

Thailand through his lens

I have never met Chris of Christao408 dot com but for a year I’ve been seeing some of his adventures, some of the food he’s eaten and his slice of Thailand through his lens via his website.

Thailand is one of those countries I want to visit; the cultures, the food, the architecture and the people. My good friend of 18 years parents-in-law have a ministry working within the red light district and with the women who are leaving prostitution, but my liking of Thailand goes back to when I was younger and I would read National Geographic voraciously, not only the new ones that came in every month but the older ones I would buy pretty much bulk at garage sales.

Chris’ perspectives are very much a-day-in-the-life and I like that, and with it being a blog primarily about his life in Thailand I get a bit of a grasp of a culture that is unfamiliar to me, it broadens my worldview. The world is quite a large place but in the age of the internet it can seem so small and at times personable because of the words and photos of others that gives me an idea what life is like from where they’re from, and I definitely appreciate that.

Until I get to traveling to new and different places I’m going to have to enjoy the world through other people’s words and photos, and when I do I will be sure to return the favor to others.


A bad case of wanderlust (thanks a lot National Geographic!)

I haven’t done much traveling outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Oh sure I’ve been to nearly all 50 states, but growing up reading National Geographic sure did a number on sparking my desire to see the world.

Here’s some things I want to see in real life:

The Cliffs of Dover

The Taj Mahal

The Swiss Alps


The Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt

The Salt Flats

Where do you want to travel?