The road goes ever on – 11/28

I am an autophile and I love to drive, which are good things…except for the fact of gas prices being in flux, but all the while…mile after mile of smiles!

The longest stretches of driving (so far) has been going from Phoenix AZ to Aurora IL in the 1988 Toyota Corolla my grandmother bequeathed to my sister, and the one time I drove from Aurora IL to Nashville TN to spend some time with my sister (which interestingly enough I talked about last time there was aΒ  WeWorkForCheese‘s writing/blogging challenge).

Yet lately the road has beckoned again, but this time it will be different from anything I have ever done. My plan is as follows:
1) Peruse Craigslist in southern states (more than I do)
2) Find me a rust free…
3) Make sure it is in working order prior to flying out to…said southern state.
4) Drive it back to IL!


Yes, I am a fan of the early Z Cars, and preferably I’d like to pick up a 280Z 5-speed RUST FREE version of this car…but I am wary that salted roads ala winter time in IL might not be conducive to such a rust prone car. One of my better friends drives a Mazda Miata, and as tempting as a rear wheel drive Miata is to me, I’d like a rear wheel drive car of another breed.

I am an ardent reader of the SpeedHunters blog and I get Pavlov Dog-ish when I see properly taken care of Z Cars, cars that look so good despite their age! I too want to be one of those Z Car owners, and I really don’t know if I’d keep it clean and stock, or modify it; as there’s a plethora of aftermarket parts, both keeping with the stock theme but also there are LSx swaps and other engine swaps to give it more bang for ones bucks!

I don’t know yet when I’ll do this, but it’s in the back of mind too much of time and only in the front of my mind sometime. Yet I think it will be a worth while trip, a roadtrip, to find a car of my auto-based dreams and drive it back! πŸ™‚


I’ll take my 15 minutes of fame, but from behind the scenes – 9/28
(I’d rather be the camera guy in this shot, not the wizard)

There’s a phrase I through out every now and then I’m about to be photographed; I rather photograph than be photographed, and essentially that’s true in other areas of my life.

Fame has been something I haven’t gone for, nor could I really achieve it, but then again I do tout that I will put Aurora IL on the map for something else besides Wayne’s World (yet it has been amusing to go to Canada as well as Mexico and that’s the reference :-)).

I think there are 3 types of people in reference to “fame” – 1) those who don’t have it, but don’t mind it 2) those who don’t have it, but don’t mind that they don’t have it and 3) those who don’t have it but want it and will do whatever it takes to have it! The latter is the fodder of all things reality television, for better or worse, though worse is a selling point and boy does fail sell well!

The closest brush I’ve had with “fame” was when photos from the Chicago Gay Pride Parade circulated and there were a bunch of Christians will signs of I’m Sorry…I hurt you, marginalized you, et al. I was there! My friends are in the photo, but I’m not, and I’m okay with that πŸ™‚ I was happy and encouraged to be there, and God willing this year will mark 4 years of doing so, I don’t need to be in a picture that has been widely circulated to remember of God’s faithfulness and the process of reconciliation and restoration paired with engagement over judgment.

I also think that being behind-the-scenes is a good position for a leader to be in; because when the focus is on the leader and not whatever the leader’s leading, the focus is off and people can be disillusioned into thinking it’s all about the leader and not what the leader is presenting. I recognize this in youth ministry, and while I’m not disillusioned or egocentric about the ministry I’m involved with, I do know it’s not about me and the functionality of the ministry should be Christ-centered and not leader centered, and if I am in the way I will move out of the way.

Andy Warhol might be on to something when he said “in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”, I for one would rather have my fame behind the scenes.

P.S. The humorous side of me would simply love to write the skits for Saturday Night Live, ultimate behind-the-scenes work for their talented writing crew. With that in mind I’d make a “commercial” for that show that goes like this… Are you depressed? Do you like Cheese? From the makers of Viagra infused Cheez Whiz…



I like France (but I never let her know) – 8/28

When I think about it, I’m probably a secret Francophile; Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, escargot, Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, The Lourve, Jeanne Calment, wine, CHEESE (see what I did there? :-))…the list goes on.

I don’t know why I have never vocalized my interest in items pertaining to France, it’s not that I ever stated something negative about France either. I did find it a humorous and face-palming experience when there were those who decided to spite “French” items in the U.S. of A by replacing that word with Freedom; so you had freedom toast, freedom fries, freedom kissing…it was all so silly, considering French (*gasp!*) toast, fries, and kissing…really? Those things are “French” to you?

It is my plan to go to France someday, The Lourve is on my mind as I enjoy art a great deal. I probably will part of the masses of who’ll gather in homage to seeing the Mona Lisa, and when someone says “look at how small it is” I will sheepishly smile and say au contraire, ce n’est pas ce qu’elle a dit! πŸ˜‰

Vivre la diffΓ©rence,

Texting is communication with a caveat – 7/28

As someone who texts on a regular basis to family and friends, I enjoy the brief spurts of communication here and there. Yet I am fully aware of the short-comings of texting.

No emotion is truly known / feelings might get hurt without the other knowing – While some phones provide you with visual queues as to what the person is feeling, be it πŸ™‚ or 😦 it is still pretty speculative when it comes to texting. A friend conveyed to me that he knew something was up with the other person because they used ITALICS, um, Italics eh? Sarcasm as well cannot be detected by way of texting, if someone responded to a sarcastic text by asking that person if they’re being sarcastic they easily could text “No I am not being sarcastic” while being sarcastic, but again, that is lost in translation when texting.

Texting and Driving – Now I am guilty of having done this one in my life, and while there are stats that say that texting and driving is worse than drinking and driving, I rather come from the perspective of what driving is; so much of driving is observation and responding to what’s been observed, nobody truly needs to add distracting behavior while you’re observing. Nowadays I don’t even pick up my phone to answer it while driving, I’m not a multitasker, and (for me) talking on the phone only takes away from my driving.

The caveat of texting as communication – As is the case of most things, moderation is where it’s at. When texting becomes your only means of communication then…you’re doing it wrong. Texting should NOT replace face-to-face communication, granted if you’re texting your friend in California and you’re in Illinois, there’s some ease and grace for doing so. Yet if you’re texting your bro, and you can drive out to hang out with him, by all means stop texting and go hang out with him. There are people in my life who are distant from me (personally) who only text me, ONLY, and it bothers me and I don’t respond and they get angry and text me. Seriously? You’re consciously choosing to text me over talking to me and hanging out with me? That is offensive to me and whatever is left of our relationship.

Text if you will and if you can, but take time to disconnect from your phone and connect in real life. It’s so much better, I promise!




I have the cooking skills to pay the bills – 6/28

One of my passions in this life is food; eating food, preparing food, cooking food, entertaining others with food. πŸ™‚

When I was younger so much younger than today… I was a real problematic child to my mom; oh I was a hell-raiser, and I did a disservice to her by being as belligerent and stubborn as I was. I still am in some ways, but it’s more constructive, or so I convince myself.

Anyway, cooking, despite being a hellion to my mom I was the only child who showed interest in helping out around the kitchen (cooking wise). She and I would cook together and just BE, I’d hear stories about her relatives who were bakers and it was interesting to keep some part of our family history alive by cooking. Interestingly enough to compliment my father’s side of the family, relatives on his side of the family were butchers. I also recall enjoying watching The Frugal Gourmet on PBS when I was little, but then again I was an odd little boy.

In a way, cooking has been a haven for me because I enjoy experimentation, preparation, and consumption of whatever it is that I am cooking. I really enjoy the aspect of cooking that is cooking for others, heck, one of the criteria of the apartments I’m checking out is better-ish cooking and entertaining space. I think the main reason why I like cooking for others is because it is one of the ways I like to show that I care and love whomever I’m with, whether friends or family, my love is in the food I am making.

The only draw back is currently I cannot do that, the kitchen I work out of is small and cramped 😦 But I’m looking, and hopefully I find something better πŸ™‚ I can’t say if I will ever have a sizable kitchen to call my own, but I can dream, and plan, and wish that someday I don’t have to tune out the sirens of domestic blissitude that call to me when I’m at Ikea that pique my “what-if” interests…someday, someday… Until then I will make do with what I have instead of what I don’t, but I guess that’s applicable in other areas of life and not just in cooking.

Bon Appetite!